Introduction To Programming

Why programs ? Programming is nothing but making the computers think the same way a human thinks. Programs are made for obtaining a specific solution which can even be solved by humans which when solved by us may consume time..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Addition of numbers without arithmetic operator

Hi friends today i'm going to explain about a program to add numbers without arithmetic operators.

#include< iostream.h >
int add(int a,int b)
return add((a&b) < < 1,(a^b));
int c;
cout < < c;

How it works ?

This is one of question asked in interview. This program based on half adder circuit. In half adder , summation is produce result of ex-or of two bits carry produce result of and of two bits. Now the logic in this program is if carry exists, we should do ex-or operation with addition and carry which is shifted 1 position.

in this program
when add function is called a=1 b=2. If(!a) won't true. So else will work. It call add function itself (recursive function) with values add operation of a and b and shifted one position left.add operation is
a= 0001
b= 0010
0000 and this will shifted one position left. Now it's same zero.
and ex-or operation is
now this two two values passed to add function. Now if(!a) work. Because not of 0's will 1's so it'll return b as sum of a and b.