Monday, April 30, 2012


Why programs ?

Programming is nothing but making the computers think the same way a human thinks. Programs are made for obtaining a specific solution which can even be solved by humans which when solved by us may consume time. So one thing is clear that man can do all things that a computer can do where in turn a computer can not do all things that a man can do.  Even though the computers are fast,reliable,and robust they are simply current consuming machines unless they are programmed.
In short computers are "brainless fools" where human brains are needed to make it an efficient machine. This is the reason why we go for a concept so called "PROGRAMMING".
Why programming in c ?
It is an universal belief that the father and mother of this world is ADAM and EVE. If so it is true ,then nothing wrong saying C is the ADAM and EVE of all modern programming languages. Not only because of the fact that C was an ancient programming language but also because of some reasons it is still popular even though a number of advanced programming languages have evolved. We all know that C is both a high level and low level language but we need to know in what way it acts so. To be precise and simple C is high level language since it communicates effectively with high level components(humans) and through concepts such as pointers it also communicates effectively with low level components(brainless fool’s memory) .


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That's the wonderful C++ based on. Still they got a big improvement though: classes

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